Expand to New Markets

Expand to new markets with Transferty payment platform

Utilize a reliable and secure ready-to-use payment solution, allowing easy integration of payments in different countries and regions. Focus on growing your business in new markets and accepting payments from customers around the world

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    Success Factors

    Key factors for triumph

    A payment platform means a lot if you want to expand your business. Here are some factors that will help you evaluate the readiness of your online transaction gateway to conquer new markets with you

    • Legal compliance

      It's important to work with a payment provider that is familiar with local regulations and guidelines to ensure the security and privacy of your transactions, protect your business from costly financial and legal risks, build trust with your customers, and build a stronger brand reputation in the new market

    • Local payment options

      With local market expertise, your payment solution can provide insights and guidance on unique challenges. This can help you avoid costly mistakes, minimize any potential disruptions to your operations, build stronger customer relationships, and ultimately achieve long-term success

    • Flexible settlement options

      To succeed in a new market, it's important to receive funds in the local currency and have the flexibility to settle payments in your preferred currency. This can help you save money on conversion fees, better manage your international cash flow, and minimize your exposure to currency fluctuations

    • Local experience in problem solving

      With local market expertise, your payment platform can provide insights and guidance on unique challenges. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and minimize any potential disruptions to your operations, build stronger customer relationships, and ultimately, achieve long-term success

      Steps to Success

      Start your growth now

      Whether you’re launching a new business or expanding an existing one, there are several key steps you can take to help ensure success

      Reduce the risks

      Your payments must be secured against cyberattacks and fraud. This is vital to ensuring the correct work of the payment gateway, the security of the customer data, and minimizing chargeback

      Transferty is certified according to PCI DSS standards. We have developed our own anti-fraud solution to keep your business safe and protect your customers

      Create a market entry and operational plan

      Customize your strategy and plan according to the specifics of the market you are entering. Analyze other companies, involve local experts, and tailor all the recommendations according to your business needs

      Transferty provides expert consultations and shares use cases to help businesses effectively enter new markets, overcome challenges, and achieve success

      Optimize your payments

      o join a new market, you should ensure the availability of payments in local currencies and the most popular payment methods in the region

      Transferty can help you collect all the required data, integrate the selected payment methods, and ensure that your payment page is customized to match your customers' preferred languages

      Ensure local technical compliance

      To handle large transaction volumes, you should be certain that your payment partner is able to provide the best efficiency for the transactions

      Transferty provides full-scale tech support for chosen payment methods, 24/7 support for customer issues, and helps to fit the local technical requirements and standards

      Transferty payment solution is your reliable partner to expand into the new market

      We propose the best solution to satisfy the needs for your business and ensure the best experience of your customers

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Here you will find the answers to commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer on your question or need any further information, please, feel free to contact our sales team

        • Can I use the same payment gateway to expand my business into different markets?

          You may be able to use the same payment gateway to expand your business into different markets. However, it’s important to ensure that the payment gateway supports the currencies and payment methods used in the markets you’re expanding into. Additionally, you may need to comply with local regulations and requirements, such as data privacy laws or anti-money laundering regulations, which could impact your choice of payment gateway. By choosing a payment gateway provider with local expertise, merchants receive easier and more organic expansion, which allows them to take advantage of their competitors


        • How can I integrate local payment methods?

          We offer the flexibility to integrate any local or alternative payment method of your choice. Simply contact us, and we will work with you to ensure seamless integration into our payment gateway

        • Can I set up an automatic currency conversion from the local currency?

          Yes, a reliable payment gateway provider usually offers automatic currency conversion services that allow you to accept payments in multiple currencies and convert them to your local currency. This can be a convenient way to expand your business into different markets without having to manage multiple currency accounts

        • What is an APMs?

          APMs stands for Alternative Payment Methods. These are payment options that differ from traditional payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers. This term includes many payment methods, like e-money, cryptocurrency, and regional payment methods. APMs have gained popularity in recent years, driven by changing consumer behaviors, advancements in technology, and the desire for more convenient and flexible payment options

        • Can I use both traditional and alternative payment methods in my payments?

          Yes, it is common and beneficial to use both traditional and alternative payment methods in your payment options. By offering a combination of payment methods, you cater to a wider range of customer preferences and increase the likelihood of converting potential customers into paying customers. Transferty allows you to connect the payment methods you need to ensure your business’s growth

        • Why should I include alternative payment methods for the external markets?

          Including alternative payment methods can help you reach a wider range of customers in different markets, especially in regions where credit card penetration may be lower. By offering local payment methods, you can provide a more seamless and convenient checkout experience for your customers, which can help increase conversions and customer satisfaction. Additionally, offering alternative payment methods can help you stand out from your competitors and build trust with your customers by demonstrating your commitment to serving their needs

        • How many payment methods should I connect to increase revenue?

          It depends on your business strategy, regions, customers, and sales channels. You may use as many payment methods as you need, and use other benefits of Transferty to boost your business