Reports & Analytics

Analyze, improve, react with one easy-to-use payment platform

Everything in one place – generate reports without using the external tools just in a few clicks and keep an eye on bottlenecks to improve the payments and your revenue

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    Reports & Analytics Capabilities

    Use insights to make data-based decisions

    Benefit yourself with useful dashboards that provide consolidated information by category: financial, transactions, conversion, reconciliation, and margin

    • Transactions Reports
      Analyze transaction statuses, errors, payment methods, and countries' transaction information
      Tx Reports Statuses
    • Distribution Report
      Explore the distribution of transaction amounts and the volume of transactions processed
      Distribution Dynamics

    Reconcile transactions with providers seamlessly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With our platform, you can easily generate and download a comprehensive report that includes all transaction details such as transaction ID, provider’s MID, transaction type, method, amount, currency, transaction status, response code, and message


    The Margin report is exclusively available to users of the white-label payment gateway. This report allows white-label users to track their own earnings from the commissions charged to merchants they serve. The report includes all fee transactions and can be exported to CSV for analysis

    Analyze your total margin due to ordered parameters like project, provider, and transaction with the chosen aggregation period

    If you have a few projects, you can also track the earnings from fee commissions across all projects and analyze details for the TOP-5

      Make data-driven decisions to maximize your revenue potential

      Gain valuable insights, track performance, and identify opportunities for growth. Request a demo, get more information and take control of your payments like never before

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Here you will find the answers to commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer on your question or need any further information, please, feel free to contact our sales team

        • Why is it important to analyze the payment process?

          Analyzing the payment process in a payment gateway is important as it allows businesses to identify and address any inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or issues that may arise during payment transactions. It helps optimize the user experience by ensuring smooth and seamless payment flows, reducing friction, and minimizing errors. By conducting a thorough analysis, businesses can improve transaction success rates, enhance security measures, identify trends or patterns in payment behavior, and ultimately provide a more reliable and satisfying payment experience for customers

        • Can I share the access to report generation with my employees?

          Yes, by managing the permissions, you can set the roles and permissions among your employees to different functions of Transferty, including report-generation tools

        • Where are my reports stored?

          All of your reports are easily accessible within your merchant account, specifically on the “Reports” page. From there, you can conveniently manage and filter data in order to generate reports based on your preferences. Additionally, there are no time frames for data storage, ensuring you have access to all relevant data