Monitoring Tools

Stay updated with clear and flexible monitoring tools

Keep your payment flow under your control using Transferty monitoring tools. Improve operational efficiency, increase conversion, and stay on top of all trigger points to to react instantly

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    Monitoring Capabilities

    Be on the lookout for your payments and security

    Control, analyze, and manage your data. Maximize transaction stability by distributing traffic between different MIDs, controlling limits, and reducing risks of loss by adjusting your own rules specific to your business


    Effectively control and manage your account balances in one place and analyze the MID conversion with smart limits monitoring

    • Track the total sum of successful transactions passing through a specific MID for the selected period
    • Monitor the remaining volume for a specific MID to have up-to-date information on available transaction capacity
    Changelog manager

    Transferty Changelog is a comfortable tool for tracking the changes your employees make in your payment system. Monitor all the changes to effectively manage your payments

    Keep an eye on changes in the following sections of your merchant account: Project details, MID’s, Currencies, API keys, Routing rules, Anti-fraud rules, Checkout, Receipts

    Changelog manager
    • Track employee activities in the merchant account to reduce operational and security risks, preventing internal data leakage and unauthorized access
    • Stay updated on any modifications made to routing and anti-fraud rules. By monitoring these changes, you can ensure the effectiveness of your payment processes and maintain a secure environment for transactions
    • Stay vigilant about any changes made to API keys. Monitoring these changes helps you maintain the security and integrity of your system’s integration with external services or applications
    Event Processing

    Transferty Event Processor allows you to receive relevant updates on conversion jumps and transaction parameters to proactively manage payments and prevent potential disruptions

    • Create, modify, or clone conversion monitoring rules, setting specific parameters for conversion calculation based on your requirements
    • View conversions on the Monitoring Conversion dashboard: Conversions that have fallen by more than a certain percentage will be marked with a red arrow (↓), while those that have increased by the specified percentage will be indicated with a green arrow (↑)
    • Configure notifications to be sent when a conversion falls below the specified tolerance level. Ensure timely awareness of any significant drops in conversion rates, allowing you to take appropriate actions to address potential issues

    Receive all relevant updates on your payments through the chosen notification channel to be well-informed and react instantly

    • Receive alerts for conversion jumps and take immediate action to investigate and address any underlying factors
    • Stay updated on transaction rule events and get alerted when specific rules are triggered, ensuring smooth payment process operations

    Keep your payments under your control

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Here you will find the answers to commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer on your question or need any further information, please, feel free to contact our sales team

      • Why is it important to analyze the payment process?

        Analyzing the payment process in a payment gateway is important as it allows businesses to identify and address any inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or issues that may arise during payment transactions. It helps optimize the user experience by ensuring smooth and seamless payment flows, reducing friction, and minimizing errors. By conducting a thorough analysis, businesses can improve transaction success rates, enhance security measures, identify trends or patterns in payment behavior, and ultimately provide a more reliable and satisfying payment experience for customers

      • Why should I control and manage the limits?

        Controlling and managing limits is important to ensure the continuity of payments. Limits can be set on a variety of parameters, such as transaction amount, frequency, and MID volume. By setting appropriate limits for specific MIDs, businesses can mitigate the risk of transaction failure and reduce the likelihood of payment declines due to rejection by the acquiring bank or PSP. As a result, the payment system will manage the payment flows accordingly and guarantee the efficiency and success of your transactions

      • How can event processing empower the security of payments?

        Event processing enhances payment security by enabling real-time monitoring, rapid response to potential threats, and effective risk mitigation. It helps detect and address issues such as channel availability, faulty double funds debiting, fraud attempts, insufficient funds errors, provider problems, conversion deviations, and many others. By processing and analyzing these events promptly, businesses can take proactive measures to protect payment systems, prevent fraud, ensure compliance, and maintain a secure payment environment

      • Is it possible to send notifications to different employees of my company?

        The notifications can be sent to the endpoints of your systems or to a messenger chat

      • Why are notifications so important to keep payments ongoing?

        Notifications are crucial for maintaining the continuity of payments by providing real-time updates, facilitating fraud detection and prevention, and supporting cash flow management. With the Transferty payment gateway, you have the opportunity to set your own rules using a variety of parameters such as card BIN, customer IP country, transaction status, payment method, provider, and many others. You can receive notifications each time a rule is triggered. Our notification system can help you receive only relevant updates on your payments via an endpoint or messenger, ensuring a quick response to any issues and increasing your revenue

      • How can I tune the notifications in my merchant account?

        To tune the notifications in your merchant account, you need to visit the Monitoring menu and set notification sending rules.
        If you encounter any difficulties or have specific requirements, it’s recommended that you contact customer support for guidance on tuning the notifications in your specific account. Our support team is working 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have