Kostiantyn Prymak

Mastering Malta’s Online Gambling Regulatory Landscape

Kostiantyn Prymak

The world of online gambling is a thriving ecosystem of opportunity, and for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark, choosing the right destination is a strategic move. Enter Malta – a global epicentre for iGaming. But before you start this journey, it’s crucial to understand the nuances of Malta’s online gambling regulations and how partnering with reliable payment tools can expedite your launch and set you up for success

State Where Business Meets Innovation

In the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta boasts a forward-thinking regulatory environment that has turned it into an iGaming powerhouse. The Gaming Act, Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta, sets the stage for both land-based and remote gaming, overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The MGA, a core of industry oversight, ensures fair play, responsible gaming, and strict adherence to regulations. Yet, following the code of Malta’s online gambling regulations is a necessity. The MGA has penned various directives and guidance notes, unveiling the nuances for traversing the complexities of the Maltese gaming terrain

Charting Your Compliance Course

A route to Malta’s iGaming shores begins with securing a gaming licence – a non-negotiable step for any serious player. It’s an in-depth analysis of your financial acumen, the integrity of your team, your business blueprint, and your tech prowess. The MGA doesn’t just hand out licences. They’re earned through rigorous diligence to uphold the industry’s sanctity. Businesses seeking a licence must meticulously prepare their documentation, including:

  • Business Plan: An in-depth analysis of your proposed operations, complete with financial forecasts, growth targets, and marketing strategies
  • Technical and Operational Documentation: A thorough review of your technical and operational policies, demonstrating alignment with MGA requirements
  • Fit and Proper Assessment: Individuals associated with your venture undergo an assessment of their competence, integrity, and financial repute

Diving into Regulatory Compliance

To establish a firm footing within Malta’s iGaming landscape, strict adherence to regulatory guidelines is imperative:

Gaming Services Coverage

The activity must align with the services covered under your licence. Keep in mind, that any gaming activity conducted should be within the scope of your licence

Legal Opinions

A legal opinion, signed by an advocate from the EU or EEA, is essential to determine the nature of Distributed Ledger Technology assets and ensure compliance with the Virtual Financial Assets Act

Compliance Audits

Throughout the 10-year licence life cycle, regular compliance audits are requested by the MGA, ensuring sustained adherence to regulations and reliability of the business

Key Functions Certificate

Personnel performing key functions must obtain a certificate of approval, signifying their competence and capabilities to the Gaming Authorisations and Compliance Directive

Navigating Communications and Jurisprudence

Effective promotion requires adhering the advertising regulations of Malta. It has some restrictions, like all the advertisements must comply with regulations safeguarding minors and vulnerable individuals. Keep in mind that  the MGA holds the power to order modifications or termination of advertisements that breach guidelines. The legal conditions of Malta creates a fruitful environment for state-certified operators. Malta’s Gaming  Act refuses to recognise foreign judgments against Malta-licensed operators for gaming services covered under their licence. Ongoing lawsuits, particularly from countries like Germany and Austria, require businesses to anticipate legal challenges

An Economic Outlook

Understanding Malta’s taxation landscape is essential. Here is a glimpse what you should consider:

  • Gaming Tax: Operators pay a tax of 5% on gross gaming revenue from gaming services provided to Maltese players
  • Compliance Contribution: Calculated based on gaming revenue, it supports the MGA’s regulatory efforts
  • Value Added Tax: A standard rate of 18% is applied, with specific guidelines applicable to gambling activities

Harnessing Efficiency

While knowing Malta’s online gaming laws is imperative, conquering operational challenges is equally vital. And this is where a payment gateway comes into play. Forge a partnership with a payment gateway that has an array of perks, boosting your journey to becoming an iGaming leader

Swift Transactions

A stellar payment gateway serves as your financial high-speed rail, ensuring seamless deposits, swift withdrawals, and player payouts. It’s the engine driving frictionless operations and a gratifying user experience

Regulatory compliance

The iGaming terrain has its share of pitfalls, and a top-tier payment gateway acts as your navigational compass. With their know-how, your payment processes sail through regulatory scrutiny, ensuring adherence to the regulations

Customisation Agility

In iGaming, adaptability is your ace. A top-notch payment gateway bends with the winds of industry change, guaranteeing your venture’s agility and competitive edge

Global Reach

Malta’s geographical sweet spot is a gateway to global reach. A payment gateway with an international reach means dealing in diverse currencies, catering to a dynamic player base

Amplifying Compliance with Reliable Payment Gateway

While navigating the Czech Republic’s online gambling legislation may seem formidable, a beacon of assistance exists in the form of a reliable payment gateway. Such gateway seamlessly facilitates secure and compliant transactions, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and unwavering regulatory adherence. By partnering with a trusted payment gateway, operators can confidently steer through the complexities of cash transaction limits, enabling frictionless cashless transactions and fortifying identity verification processes. Additionally, payment gateways provide operators with meticulous transaction records, pivotal for compliance reporting to fit the requirements of transparency and accountability


While Malta’s iGaming landscape offers unparalleled prospects, unlocking its potential hinges on meticulously following its legal contours. Navigating the complexities of licences, compliance, taxation, and legal challenges demands a multi-dimensional strategy. With a keen understanding of Malta’s online gambling legislation and prudent guidance, businesses can embark on their iGaming journey with confidence, carving a niche within this captivating realm of possibilities. Partnering with a reliable payment gateway may become a key that opens a door to effective and rapid entry to the online gambling market of Malta. Fill out the application form below to find out more on how an effective payment gateway can boost your expansion

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